by The Chore Boys

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on this recording the chore boys are Sean Beirne, Dave G, Chad Halle, and Rich Neagle.
recorded and produced by John Zuccardy at the 509ers studio in New Haven, CT


released October 19, 2015



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The Chore Boys New Haven, Connecticut

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Track Name: Where do you think you're going?
where do you think you're going?
what are you gonna do?
where do you think you're going?
maybe i want to go too

saw you smile
i like your style
how bout we hang out for a while
Track Name: Hell is a place
Ohio billboards tell me to go to hell
played a show just for the bands
invited us to your squat to sleep with the rats
leaving town graffiti on the street sign advises me to stop caring
i don't believe i ever did
Track Name: Can't sleep (best friend)
maybe i just should cut off my tongue
if i can't shut up next time
i feel stupid
i feel useless
lying awake watching sheep go by
i can't sleep

every time i think of you i choke
the coke ain't the only lump in my throat
i'm disappointed in myself again
didn't mean to become your best friend

i don't like guns
but i almost got one
i would've kept it in the top drawer in my bedroom
unlocked cocked loaded and ready like me
Track Name: Just dance
i don't want your baby, baby
i just want to dance with you
Track Name: Never been to rehab
i remember just before you left
in the top floor bathroom sniffing lines
never seemed to find a job
but always seemed to find more

never been to rehab but she thought i was
because who goes to Arizona sober?

fix me up a drink or two
don't care what, just make it strong brew
got no place to go
and can't think of shit to do
Track Name: Girl from Pennsylvania
sometimes i wonder about that stripper in Pennsylvania
with a head full of crack and a gun wound in her back
better touch my breasts she said you better touch my breasts
i touched her breasts she gave me head

that's what i needed that night but it was free

sometimes i wonder if she still has that shitty job
or if she moved back to new jersey to start a family
she sure seemed smart
but what does that even mean anyway?